Beijing – My Heartstring City
The first time I visited Beijing was seven years ago. I remember the impression the city had on me. I was absolutely smitten. Beijing was the goal, the adventure, where I wanted to live the rest of my life. After I graduated university, I did move to China to a place very close to Beijing.... Read More
Snapshot Series: The Forbidden City
"Everybody now has a camera whether it's a professional instrument or just part of a phone...getting it right is not the issue. It is difficult to make a mistake with the sophisticated technology we now have. Making a personal and creative image is a far greater challenge."  - Michael Kenna This quote from one of... Read More
Eat It for the Likes
Instagram has fueled a new type of foodie: a foodie who searches for picture-perfect food, but not only is this food picture perfect...It's trendy; it's #instafood. "Trending" foods include edible cookie dough, rainbow grill cheese, charcoal ice cream, and edible glitter lattes just to name a few. These foods are creative spins on traditional dishes... Read More
New Mexico’s Little Known White Sands Monument
New Mexico's Hidden Treasure Before I moved to China a little over one year ago, it suddenly occurred to me that I had not seen much of my own country. I had been abroad multiple times growing up and went to several places within America like California, Flordia, and Louisiana; but the large majority of... Read More
Tianjin: China’s Modern Culture City
Four Days in Tianjin To kick off this blog, I wanted to write my first city overview on Beijing since it is one of my favorite cities in the world; however, after perusing the interwebs for common Chinese cities reviewed, I quickly realized there is absolutely no shortage of blogging on Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong... Read More
Hello and Happy Travels!
Hello! And Welcome to Travel With Alex You might be wondering who Alex is, and I wanted to introduce myself! I live in China currently as an English specialist. So far, I've been here for one year, and I will remain here for at least two more. The primary reason I took the job I... Read More